Master 2 « Maths in Action »

The Master 2  « Maths in action : from concept to innovation »  aims at providing a strong education in research, with a close link with applications. It gathers different options (majors), each of them beeing specialized in a specific field:

In each of these options, several innovative mathematical concepts are investigated, both in the numerical modelling and PDE fields, and in a statistical and stochastic framework. Few programs in France propose such a mix, and the pedagogical crew promotes interactions in an active way.

All the courses will be taught in english

Training program

A first semester (from September to December) as a core curriculum

  • Refresher course in analysis, statistics and informatic
  • Deterministic modelling – 6 ECTS
  • Stochastic modelling and statistical learning – 6 ECTS
  • Optimisation and machine learning – 6 ECTS
  • Scientific english – 3 ECTS

A customised second semester (from January to March): choice of a major (4 courses) and of 2 additional courses. Each course corresponds to 3 ECTS. See the table below for a list of all the proposed courses.

An internship (from April to September) provinding 21 ECTS, corresponding to an initiation to research. This internship can be done in a laboratory or a company.

Major Mathematics, biology and medecine
– Epidemiology
– Theoretical evolving biology
– Cellular dynamics and complex systems
– Spatial ecology modelling

Major Mathematics, environment and climate
– Risk assesment modelling and climate change
– Fluid mechanics equations and their numericla approximations
– Spatial ecology modelling
– Graphs and ecological networks

Major Mathematics, image, data
– Geometrical approaches for images and shapes.
– Variationnal methods for inverse problems in medical imagery.
– Sparsity and high dimension
– Neural networks
Major Mathematics, statistical and machine learning
– Neural networks
– Sparsity and high dimension
– Graphs and ecological networks
– Optimal Transport for statistical learning
Major Mathematics, high performance computing and simulation
– High performance computing
– Numerical simulation
– Exploitation of numerical simulators – Part I
– Exploitation of numerical simulators – Part II

The two remaining courses has to be chosen in an other major. As an exception, these courses might be selected in an other « associated » program (as the master Advanced Mathematics in the ENS Lyon) provided the project is validated by the pedagocial staff.

Some examples of possible choices (the list is not exhaustive):
– Major « Mathematics, biology and medecine » with a minor in imagery (« Geometrical approaches for images and shapes » and « Variationnal methods for inverse problems in medical imagery.« ).
– Major « Mathematics, environment and climate » with a minor in statistical and machine learning (« Neural networks » and « Sparsity and high dimension« ).
– Major « Mathematics, statistical and machine learning » with a minor in biology and medecine (« Epidemiology » and « Cellular dynamics and complex systems« ).
– …

The major « Mathematics, high performance computing and simulation » will be held in Saint-Etienne (with the same curriculum core). For this major, the two additional courses are mandatory and are « Mathematical methods for high dimension » and « Random Graphs« .


The selection is based on the student’s applcation form. A first year in a Master’s program is required. Possible admissions with a bachelor degree.

The online application form will be open between in May and June.

The master program Maths en action is co-accredited with the following institutions Ecole Centrale de Lyon, l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, l’Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, and Université Jean-Monnet.

Polytech Lyon is also a partner of this program.